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Generally the process involves drying fresh grapes under the sun. Once they are dried, we proceed to disarm clusters, put sticks out, calibrate, wash, select and pack them. For 4-5 kilos of fresh grapes are needed to obtain one kilo of raisins.

During the process, the fruit is treated with water in several steps, including spin for separating foreign lighter materials and decantation, to separate heavy impurities.
The final selection eliminates impurities and stems. This can be done manually or using electronic devices, called "Laser Sorters."

In the final process, it can be applied a vegetable oil or petroleum jelly, to the buyer´s requirement.
Then, they are placed in cardboard boxes of 10 kilos net each for further marketing.


- With seed
1) Muscat
2) Cherry

- Seedless
1) Sultanina
2) Flame
3) Thompson


Small < 9 mm
Medium 9-12 mm
Jumbo > 12 mm